The Raboso Piave Confraternity

The Confraternita del Raboso Piave was founded on 27 December 1996 and is based in Vazzola, a wine-producing town in the province of Treviso. The primary goal of this important confraternity is to disseminate knowledge of Raboso Piave, to promote its consumption, to conserve, develop and highlight the great traditions of this noble wine and foster activities aimed at improving and broadening members' wine and food culture and knowledge. The Confraternita also organises various events so as to promote and develop friendship, loyalty, solidarity and mutual respect among members in the best traditions of the Terre del Piave. The Confraternita, which is supported by the Treviso Regional Executive and other local authorities, is engaged in ongoing studies of the Raboso Piave vine in order to enhance the prestige of both the vine and the wine made from its grapes.

The Confraternity also collaborates - with the participation of the wine-producing estates - with the Department of Agricultural Science of the University of Padua in order to identify the best cultivation techniques for winemaking; to fully understand the potential of dried Raboso Piave grapes; to study the possible technological alternatives for wine ageing; to explore in depth the sensory characteristics of the wines and gain an understanding of health aspects regarding the consumption of this wine.
The Confraternity has a broad, ambitious agenda, but in the first few years of its existence it has already achieved important results regarding increases in production yield and quality, which have met with international approval and acclaim.