Nesio - Raboso Rosé Spumante Brut - Metodo Classico

This is a sparkling Rosé Brut produced using the classic method from Raboso grapes. It has a delicate bouquet, a brilliant colour and fine, persistent perlage.
Manzoni Moscato - Vino spumante rosato dolce

An original and captivating rosé from Moscato D’Amburgo and Raboso Piave grapes. Its softness and rustic nature are balanced by the spumantizzazione, the process by which it becomes sparkling.
Pro Fondo Rosso - Raboso Frizzante (Fermentazione in bottiglia)

Our Raboso Frizzante - sparkling - is produced using the ancient tradition of in-bottle fermentation on the yeast. The sediment in the wine makes it slightly cloudy and guarantees that the processes used are 100% natural.